Union comparison chart

Union comparison chart

OPSEU ONA comparison chart
OPSEU ONA comparison chart

Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
135,000 members in Ontario

Ontario Nurses Association (ONA)
65,000 members in Ontario



1.375% dues rate, based on the hours you actually work.That means for every $1000 you earn, you pay $13.75.

PPTs, casuals, part-timers, those on maternity/paternity leave and on call OPSEU members do not pay dues while they are not at work. They are still protected by our Collective

There is no monthly minimum.


Flat monthly rate based on hourly wage rate. If you are paid$27.50/hour or more, you will pay $95.96/month in dues.

Some ONA locals collect a special dues levy in addition to the regular monthly dues

Your Voice in the Union:


Active Hospital Professionals Division (HPD) that connects members from across the province with research, strategies and support for negotiations and advocacy.

OPSEU represents tens of thousands of allied hospital professionals in 79 hospitals across Ontario, in every classification.


From ONA’s website: “The Ontario Nurses’ Association is a union for nurses, by nurses.”

Compared to OPSEU, ONA has virtually no experience representing allied health professionals.



OPSEU is with you every step of the way through the grievance process, providing the legal and emotional support you need.

“Carriage rights” mean that OPSEU members control their grievances; you decide whether or not to move forward with arbitration. You do not need approval from a grievance committee.


An ONA committee determines the future of your grievance; whether it moves forward is out of your hands.

www.opseu.org/healthsciencesnorth  • organizing@opseu.org • 1-844-OPSEU-4U • www.facebook.com/OPSEUHSN/