Top 5 reasons to join OPSEU

Top 5 reasons to join OPSEU

Top 5 reasons to join OPSEU flyer.
Top 5 reasons to join OPSEU flyer.

Reason #1

OPSEU is one of Canada’s most dynamic and progressive unions and the leading union for lab professionals in Ontario. Since the 1970s, we have represented and bargained on behalf of tens of thousands of lab professionals in both hospitals and community workplaces. OPSEU’s staff includes specialists in bargaining, research, grievance handling, pensions, benefits, health and safety, pay equity, human rights, communications, and campaigns.

Reason #2

Wages Union vs. Non-Union

Unionized workers typically earn higher wages and better benefits. OPSEU’s bargaining track record spans several decades on behalf of lab professionals and continues to set the standard for your sector. Having a legal voice gives you the access to negotiate your wages and working conditions. Imagine having the ability to negotiate a pay rate that reflects your skills, experience and contributions.

Reason #3


Increased workload is one of the biggest concerns for lab professionals. You are continually asked to do more and the increased workload combined with staffing shortages makes your job almost unmanageable. OPSEU has bargained numerous agreements that have specific language which assist to identify problems and a process where you have the opportunity to participate directly with your management team to identify the issues and work on resolutions. Many of our OPSEU collective agreements contain workload alert notification forms where specific situations can be recorded and dealt with by the Health and Safety Committee and the Labour Management Committee.

Reason #4

Job Security

While no union can promise job security, there are many options available to unionized employees to minimize the effect of layoffs or downsizing. If LifeLabs is in a position where it must lay off employees, those workers are provided with three months’ notice. Provisions can also be negotiated that allow for early retirement allowing the more junior employee to remain in their position. OPSEU also has the ability to bargain recall language based on seniority.

Reason #5

Employer/Employee Relations

The decision to join OPSEU should not be adversarial. Voting for OPSEU is not a vote against LifeLabs. Rather, it is a vote that will allow you the opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of your employment, create committees and mechanisms that allow input from employees and enshrines your rights as an employee of LifeLabs. Should there be a disagreement between the parties, the collective agreement gives you the legal right to pursue a remedy with ample opportunity to address the issue with your employer.

The collective agreement also allows for Labour Management Committee meetings where your employer and worker representatives (that you elect from amongst your coworkers) meet on a regular basis to jointly discuss workplace issues and concerns. This provides you with an opportunity to make significant improvements in your workplace. By joining OPSEU, you have other legislated rights not available to non-union workers.

For more information contact OPSEU’s Organizing Representatives:

Shannon Morton, 416-522-8317,
Kiera Chion, 416-526-0330,
Lois Boggs, 416-557-2853,, 1-844-OPSEU-4U