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The Work We Do

The Work We Do

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Developmental services workers provide professional care primarily to people with developmental or “intellectual” disabilities. We are on the job around the clock in high support behavioural homes and community residences. We also provide individual home care in our clients’ own homes.

The work we do for our clients is varied. We help them with the basic personal tasks that they can’t do on their own. We administer medications. We provide life skills and other training. We run programs designed to enrich their lives in every way possible.

Occupations in developmental services include:

  • Residential counselor;
  • Residential, vocational, and community support worker;
  • Instructor;
  • Case manager;
  • Administrative worker;
  • Office and Clerical worker;
  • Registered Practical Nurse;
  • Social Worker;
  • Psychologist;
  • Maintenance worker;
  • Cook;
  • Housekeeper; and
  • Driver

In Ontario, the Ministry of Community, Family, and Children’s Services pays roughly $1 billion a year to fund developmental services. The money goes to about 400 agencies serving 48,000 adults and children.