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The government plans to sell ServiceOntario: Write to your local newspaper

The government plans to sell ServiceOntario: Write to your local newspaper


Write to your local newspaper

Many people in Ontario are not even aware that the government plans to sell ServiceOntario. Help raise awareness in your community. Submit this letter to the editor. Feel free to make the letter your own by adding additional comments.

Download the letter

Instructions to submit a letter to the editor

Go to the website of your local paper.

Find the link for Letters to the Editor. Often this is found either at the bottom of the web page or linked from the “Contact Us” portion of the website.

Most newspapers use an online form for letters. Simply fill out the required fields (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, etc.) then copy/paste the contents of the letter into the appropriate section of the form.

Text of letter to the editor

Personal privacy is not for sale

Would you throw away the security of your personal information?

This is exactly what the Liberal government plans to do. It wants to sell ServiceOntario to a private, for-profit company.

Each year, ServiceOntario handles millions of transactions for health cards, drivers’ licences, hunting and fishing licenses, business products and many other services.

Putting your personal records in the hands of a private company will increase the risk of identity theft and fraud.

You, and your personal data, are what the government is selling.

The Liberal government only sees dollar signs. A private corporation will pay handsomely to get access to 13.5 million Ontarians. Registering your baby’s birth or renewing your driver’s license will not be the corporation’s main interest. They will complete those transactions in order to have the chance to market other products to you.

I think this is offensive. I work for the government-run ServiceOntario in your community.

As a public servant, I have sworn an oath of dedication and loyalty to the citizens of this province. My primary objective is to secure and protect your personal information.

There is a big difference between the current public system with some privately-operated counters and a totally-privatized system. Whoever owns the system controls the system.

Your personal data should not be controlled by a private corporation which has only one objective: profit.

Please contact your MPP and tell them your concerns.