The Carol McGregor Scholarship

The Carol McGregor Scholarship

People takin a class and the Education/Formation des Membres logo
People takin a class and the Education/Formation des Membres logo

Application deadline: September 14, 2021

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union offers an annual scholarship of $1,500 in the memory of Carol McGregor, a longtime union activist on disability rights issues, who died in 2006.

Who can apply:

Open to dependents of OPSEU/SEFPO members in good standing who have a visible or invisible disability and are pursuing post-secondary education at a university, community college or trades program. Extra consideration will be given to students who have participated in a collective action or community organizing on disability or human rights issues.

How to apply:

The following items must be submitted with your application and received by OPSEU/SEFPO on or before September 14, 2021.  Applications received after September 14, 2021 will not be considered.

  • This application form completed fully, by opening the fillable document, clicking on view, and then selecting “edit document” to fill out the application and return it by the application deadline.
  • Short essay (no more than 1,500 words) on a topic related to disability issues. In consideration of the needs of students with diverse disabilities, this may be presented either as an essay of no more than 1,500 words, or as a photo series, short video, poem, audio file, or visual art piece.
  • A brief resume indicating your disability, accomplishments, field of study, and your relationship to an OPSEU member in good standing.

Optional: A depiction of a collective action or community organizing on a disability or human rights issue that the applicant has engaged in.