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Tell Premier McGuinty: Keep your promises to persons with a developmental disability

Tell Premier McGuinty: Keep your promises to persons with a developmental disability


March 6, 2009

For thousands of Ontario families, hard times are nothing new.

Individuals with a developmental disability, their families and the people who support them in daily community living have tried to do so much with too little for decades.

In the 2007 provincial budget, the Ontario government made a four-year commitment to fund developmental services in a way that would help the thousands of people on waiting lists for support. The new funding would also help the individuals and families who were experiencing the stress and setbacks that came with high turnover among the developmental service workers providing support.

Now, the hard times are hitting more Ontarians and the government is sending signals that it may not meet all of its previous funding commitments.

But it's the wrong time to cut back again on some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

You can help by sending a message to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.

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