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Taking Action on Workplace Stress – COPSOQ Campaign

Taking Action on Workplace Stress – COPSOQ Campaign


Video 3—What to do after the survey

Video 2—How to Organize a Survey

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Video 1—What are Psychosocial hazards?

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This campaign is part of OPSEU’s Community Services Division’s multi-sector effort to improve our members’ health outcomes in relation to workplace stress. The initiative stems from OPSEU’s work with Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), and other unions and stakeholders, such as the University of Waterloo and the Office of the Worker Advisor (OWA). The Mental Injury Tool Group (MIT) developed an online resource kit on workplace stress, found at

Winding down the stress survey–What"s next?

NEW Tools for Coordinators

As we conclude collecting the data from the COPSOQ stress survey, our "Action on Workplace Stress" is about to begin. Starting in June, coordinators will start to receive electronic copies of their survey results. Use the following NEW tools to guide you through the next steps:

New Psychological Standard Released

Psychologically safe workplaces – Canadian standard released

January 22, 2013 The Canadian Standards Association, in concert with the Canadian Mental Health Commission, labour, and other organizations, have launched a new standard for employers to create psychologically safe workplaces. more…

Tools for Unit Coordinators

Launch Bulletins for the workplace and Final Reminder Bulletins available in both languages and colour or black and white here to download as well.

Launch bulletin: English – colour  black and white,
Launch bulletin: French – colour    black and white

Final Reminder bulletin: English – colour   black and white
Final Reminder_bulletin: French – colour   black and white

Welcome Unit Coordinators!

Coordinators kits are now available for download in English and in French.undefined