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Questions and answers about the April 8-9 strike vote by Liquor Board members

Questions and answers about the April 8-9 strike vote by Liquor Board members


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How will the vote be conducted?

The vote must be by secret ballot.

Who can vote?

All employees in the bargaining unit(s) represented by OPSEU are eligible to vote. That includes all OPSEU members and OPSEU non-members, including full-time, part-time, casual, seasonal, fixed term employees. It includes those who have not signed union cards. Members on Long Term Income Protection (LTIP), Worker's Compensation, maternity and other leaves are also entitled to vote.

When is the vote? 

Regions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 – April 8 and 9
Region 6 — April 8
Region 7 — April 9
Phone-in voting – April 9 (for all designated members in remote locations)

I work in a remote location far from any ballot locations. How will I vote?

If it is determined that it is impossible for you to attend a balloting location, you will be eligible to vote by phone. You will receive a package by mail with instructions and your pin number. Your store and or local number will not be included on the voter's list if they have been identified as remote locations.

If I receive a phone-in pin number can I also have the option of voting at a polling station?

You should make every effort to vote on April 9 by phone. If you are on the phone-in list and you show up to vote at a ballot location your vote will be segregated.

Important: If you are having difficulties with your pin number or you did not receive a mail-in package and your store is eligible to vote by phone: Please call 1-800-268-7376 ext. 8423 for assistance on April 8 or 9.

Where will I vote?

The OPSEU Regional Offices will be responsible for making the necessary vote location arrangements. Voting locations and times can also be found at lbedbargaining.org

What will the ballots say?

YES – I authorize the Bargaining Team to call a strike if necessary in order to achieve an acceptable collective agreement.

NO – I do not authorize the Bargaining Team to call a strike.

Can I vote closer to where I live or in a different region?

All members across the province are encouraged to vote within their own Local and Region. If you vote at a different polling location from that of your assigned local, your ballot will be segregated.

I will be on vacation at the time of the vote. Can I vote now?

No. Under OPSEU policy, there are no advance polls. Proxy voting is not permitted.

I have a disability that will prevent me from attending a balloting location. How will I vote?

Every effort will be made to make all balloting locations accessible to persons with disabilities. Those employees who cannot be accommodated at the balloting location are to inform their Local, who will in turn let OPSEU know.

What do I need for identification in order to vote?

Any proper identification is acceptable, e.g. union card, work-issued identification, driver's licence, etc.

What happens if I am not on the voter's list?

If your name is not on the voter's list, you will still be allowed to vote providing you have a piece of identification (a current pay stub is also preferred). Your vote will then be segregated in a manner that does not allow anyone to know how you voted. OPSEU staff will then attempt to verify you as a member of the bargaining unit.

How are votes tabulated?

Votes are province-wide. A majority of more than 50 per cent is needed to either accept or reject a vote in favour of a strike.

On count day, will anyone from my Local be present?

On counting day, a minimum of one member per polling station is entitled to attend the counting sessions as scrutineers. The assigned staff or Designated Returning Officer (DRO) will be assigning members.

When will vote results be released?

The count will be conducted immediately following the closing of polling stations at 9 pm on April 9. Vote results will be made public following the count.