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About Us

The role of the Provincial Young Workers Committee (PYC) is to promote young worker involvement in the Union and to advocate and educate around young worker issues. Our work focuses on:

  • Increasing awareness on key young worker issues such as environmental sustainability; international fair trade; part-time issues and job security
  • Building young workers’ participation and activism inside and outside of the Union
  • Mobilizing and educating at the regional level

As a Committee, we are dedicated to bringing new ideas, energy and activism to OPSEU. Our goal is to promote educate, motivate, mobilize and empower young workers whenever and wherever possible.

Terms of Reference

This is a description of the purpose and structure of the Provincial Young Workers Committee (PYC).  It outlines information on general aims and functions of the committee, how meetings are conducted, how finances are monitored, and the roles and responsibilities of all seven (7) elected representatives.
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