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Provincial Women’s Committee Resources

Provincial Women’s Committee Resources


Child Care

The PWC supports the right to universally accessible, high quality, not-for-profit, regulated child care in the province of Ontario. To read more about the issue, go to the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare

Pay Equity

Pay equity is equal pay for work of equal value. The PWC actively supports the view that it is a fundamental human right of women workers to be paid wages that are free of the systemic gender-based discrimination that values and pays women"s work less than men"s work of comparable value.

NEW Please print the PWC Pay Equity poster and post on your union board.

To read more about this issue, go to:

Women and Unions

While women’s experience in the economy is improving, there is still a long way to go. To obtain these changes for women requires significant changes in the workforce. The PWC holds the view that women’s collective action, through the labour movement, is key to advancing women’s rights overall. To read more about the issue, go to: