Provincial Elections 2014: Some elections change the government. Others change your life

Provincial Elections 2014: Some elections change the government. Others change your life


2014 Election LeafletYour job and your income are at risk this year

In 2014, Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak is planning a major attack on your job and your income. And to get at you, he’s coming after your union.

Hudak says that if he becomes Premier, he’d give Ontario the kind of labour law they have in U.S. states like Mississippi and South Carolina. Down there, state laws let individuals dodge union dues but still enjoy the benefits of having a union – at their co-workers’ expense.

These American-style “free rider” laws weaken unions and sap their bargaining power. The result is always the same: lower wages and fewer benefits for working people, right across the economy.

Hudak’s plan puts your job, your income, and your future at risk.

Who do the PCs really work for?

Hint: It’s not you.

What kind of person thinks lower wages will make us rich? What kind of person thinks cutting public services will help the people who depend on them?

Tim Hudak was a cabinet minister under Mike Harris, the former PC Premier whose attacks on public services played a big part in the Walkerton water tragedy that left seven people dead. Today’s Ontario PCs don’t want to build our province — they only want to tear it down. Their real masters are corporate CEOs, not regular Ontarians. They like to cut corporate taxes, slash public services, and drive down wages to boost corporate profits. And they know there’s a payoff waiting – Harris made $750,000 in 2010 alone as a part-time director for Magna International.

Protect your future

Tim Hudak can’t do much damage if he isn’t in charge. That’s why the next provincial election, expected this year, is so important.

Here’s how you can protect your future in the months ahead:

  • first, get informed about the issues and the parties;
  • second, identify the party and candidate in your riding who cares most about the interests of working people and communities; and
  • third, when the election is called, get out and VOTE – and make sure your co-workers do, too.

Make 2014 your year to be more involved in provincial politics. Because some elections change the government. But others change your life.

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To find out more about Tim Hudak’s plans for working people in Ontario, watch our videos at and For an overview of the three main parties’ positions on five key issues, visit To find out more about OPSEU’s plans for the 2014 provincial election, please contact your OPSEU Regional Vice-President by calling our Resource Centre at 1-800-268-7376

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