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Proponents for an OPSEU RPN committee seeking help

Proponents for an OPSEU RPN committee seeking help

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We the North
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Hello Sisters & Brothers:

Some time ago, several of our healthcare sectors were approached about re-establishing the RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) committee. We have been working towards doing just that; however we need your assistance.

The scope of practice & responsibilities of our RPN’s have changed dramatically over the years.  Workloads have increased, continued health & safety issues arise in our workplaces, as well as countless other daily issues unique to your classification. We recognize your accomplishments and want to work to build a committee that will promote recognition of your scope of practice and professional responsibilities.

In order for us to approach the OPSEU Executive Board to re-establish the RPN committee – or perhaps establish an Occupational Division — we need to have evidence that OPSEU RPNs are interested and committed to this proposal.

Thank you to those who came to the Health Care Division Council’s table at convention and signed our list. We still need more. Please encourage RPN’s within your work place to e-mail us as soon as possible with their names, emails and place of work. Our contact information is below.

We believe there is approximately 4000 RPN’s within OPSEU. We need to connect with all of you.

Thank you for your time and effort.

In Solidarity,

Barb DeRoche, Chair – Hospital Support Division

Ed Arvelin, Chair – Mental Health Division