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OPSEU’s commitment to you

OPSEU’s commitment to you


#VoteOPSEU: On May 15, 16, and 17

New elections, more training, and speedy grievance settlements will put you in the driver’s seat!

As soon as the May 15 – 17 union vote is over, OPSEU is committed to moving quickly to empower members at Health Sciences North.

We’re committed to a democratic local:

  • OPSEU will hold elections for a new local executive and stewards this summer.
  • We will announce the date of the elections at least two weeks in advance to give all members a chance to nominate candidates – or run for election.
  • OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas and all three Region 6 Executive Board Members will attend on voting day to ensure a democratic, transparent election.
  • A travelling ballot box will guarantee that members outside of Sudbury have a fair chance to vote.
  • Votes will be counted in the presence of scrutineers chosen by each candidate.

We’re committed to member education:

  • OPSEU is committed to providing a week-long union educational open to any member of Local 659.
  • We’ll deliver customized courses designed to meet the specific needs of Health Sciences North members. This will include courses on building local capacity, how to be a steward, grievance handling, the duty to accommodate, workplace health and safety, and how to deal with harassment and bullying in the workplace.
  • OPSEU will develop and deliver a custom communications course, designed to make sure members are always “in the know” with ongoing support from the OPSEU Communications Department.

We’re committed to settling grievances:

  • Mediated arbitration (“med/arb”) is a fast and efficient way to settle grievances. In med/arb, the two sides meet at a community location with a mediator who has the power to arbitrate on the spot if the two sides cannot agree on a settlement. This process has a proven track record for settling large numbers of grievances in the shortest possible time. It works!
  • OPSEU is committed to providing members of Local 659 with at least five med/arb dates as soon as possible to resolve outstanding local grievances.

New elections, more training, and speedy grievance settlements: that’s OPSEU’s commitment to you.

For more information, please contact:

Kiera Chion, OPSEU Organizer

Norm Pilon, OPSEU Staff Representative
Facebook: /OPSEUHSN
Twitter: @OPSEU_HSN