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OPSEU’s 2012 CPAC Video Contest: And the winners are…

OPSEU’s 2012 CPAC Video Contest: And the winners are…

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This year’s CPAC Video Contest saw a great number of submissions with a variety of takes on the value of public services, and how essential these services are to communities and the individuals within them. The judges were impressed by all entries, and want to thank everyone who submitted to the contest.

Below you’ll find the list of winners. Congratulations to everyone, and a special congratulations to Holli-Lynne Elash whose video, “There are Truths that are Lies”, won top honours. Holli-Lynne and her team created a video in the style of spoken word, addressing the disparities between the lives of high and low-income earners, and the “lies” of the austerity/prosperity debate. 

See below for the list of winners…

Overall Contest Winner, and Region 1 First Place:

Holli-lynne Elash, Local 166
“There Are Truths That Are Lies”


Region 1 Second Place:

Emily Grant, Local 124
“This is Ella”

Region 2 First Place:

Ryan Walker, Local 249
“Our Communities – NOT FOR SALE”

Region 2 Second Place:

Wade  Roczniak, Local 287
“A Feeling of Community”

Region 3 First Place:

Heather Iveney, Local 302
“Public Service Announcement”

Region 4 First Place:

Jim Puckalo, Local 468
"Private/Public Partnerships"

Region 5 First Place:

John Cho, Local 569
“Thank You OPSEU”

Region 6 First Place:

Heather Hoddinott, Local 629
“Duncan’s Doughnuts”

Region 6 Second Place:

Annie Pelletier, Local 666
“My first project” 

Region 6 Third Place:

Shelby Ch’ng, Local 677
“OPSEU – Ontario Parks”