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OPSEU tables contract proposals in CAAT Support negotiations

OPSEU tables contract proposals in CAAT Support negotiations


OPSEU, on behalf of (CAAT) Support staff, started contract bargaining with the College Employer Council on June 10, 2014.

2014 Bargaining proposals


  • Amend Article 8.1.6 to include coverage for dental implants and dental appliances as category E eligible expenses
  • Amend Article 8 to improve the success for members returning to work.
  • Amend Article 8.1.10 to increase the maximum amount of coverage for vision care
  • Amend the Extended Health Care Plan to increase the reimbursement amount for prescription drugs and vaccines
  • Amend the Extended Health Care Plan to increase the combined maximum per person of coverage for paramedical services.
  • Amend Article 8.1.1 to allow employees to purchase more than five additional units of supplementary life insurance on a voluntary basis. The employee will pay 100% of premiums after the first five units.
  • Amend the Short Term Disability Plan, to allow for full STD benefits to be reinstated on the first full active working day for all members in the new plan year.
  • Amend the Survivor Benefits, CAAT Retiree Benefit Plans and current practices to allow survivors, retirees and employees on leave without pay, to pay premiums on a monthly basis.
  • Amend the Extended Health Care Plan to recognize Nurse Practitioners as prescribers of prescription drugs and vaccines, eligible for reimbursement.

Health and Safety

  • Amend Article to remove the $20 maximum. Amend Articles and to require the provision of necessary safety devices, including footwear and prescription safety glasses.

Job Postings

  • Amend Article 17.1.1 to consider experience as equivalent to education in job competition
  • Amend Article 17.3 to give proper consideration of internal applicants for temporary vacancies

Job Security

  • Amend Article 4.3 to increase the frequency and accuracy of part time lists provided
  • Amend Articles 15.8, and the Contracting Out Letter of Understanding to provide for no contracting out of our work
  • Amend Article 14.6.2 to include that the College provide the Local Union with all data, and to provide wage protection
  • Letter of Understanding – Initiatives and Opportunities – remove


  • Amend Article 5.2  by increasing Union time off
  • Amend Article 12.4  to encompass all leaves in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Standards Act (Ontario)
  • Amend Article 12.5 to improve bereavement leave provisions
  • Add new Articles under 12 – Leaves – to grant 5 days of personal leave per employee

Appendix  D

  • Amend Appendix D  to enhance the ability to be considered for vacancies.
  • Enhance the rights and entitlements to the collective agreement.


  • A fair and equitable increase in each year in the contract
  • Amend Appendix G to allow for their wage to be found on the Appendix E grid

Working Conditions

  • Amend Article and Article 18.7.2
  • Amend Article

The Union reserves the right to add to or modify these proposals during the course of bargaining.