OPSEU/SEFPO Grievance Form and Guidelines

OPSEU/SEFPO Grievance Form and Guidelines


OPSEU/SEFPO members live and work across Ontario. While union resources, including forms and other materials are available at OPSEU/SEFPO Regional Offices or Head Office, members and stewards can still find themselves many kilometers from these 20 locations. Whether in Northern Ontario, or in a large urban centre, it is not always easy to travel to the spot where resources are available.

The availability of an official OPSEU/SEFPO form can become a critical barrier when a member or steward is faced with strict time limits. This is commonly the case when filing a grievance.

To eliminate this barrier the following link will provide you with access to an OPSEU Grievance Form.

To electronically file your OPS/CAAT referral to arbitration request to OPSEU, your grievance form must be signed, scanned and e-mailed to grievances@opseu.org.

While it will be easy to print a Grievance Form, you must be able to meet a number of strict requirements for the grievnace to be correctly filed!

  1. Grievance Forms printed from this website link must be fully completed with identifying information ; a full STATEMENT OF GRIEVANCE and SETTLEMENT DESIRED.
  2. As with the normal pre-printed forms the web Grievance Form must be authorized by a Union Steward.
  3. In addition to the original, three (3) copies are required. It is recommended that the original completed form be photocopied. You can then check off each copy as they are issued to the applicable parties.

    Original “Issued to Management”

    Copy 1 “Issued to Steward”

    Copy 2 “Issued to Regional Office”

    Copy 3  “Issued to Grievor”

  4. Copies must be issued within the time limits set out in the Collective Agreement.
  5. Consult your Steward.

To electronically file your OPS/CAAT referral to arbitration request to OPSEU, your grievance form must be signed, scanned and e-mailed to grievances@opseu.org

Forms can be printed from the above links and then completed in full.

Grievance Form Guidelines

Before you print this form, have you done the following:

  1. Got all the facts?
  2. Consulted with your steward?
  3. Checked the Collective Agreement (grievance procedure) to ensure compliance with time limits?
  4. Has the matter in dispute first been raised with the supervisor as a complaint?

You are now ready to proceed.

  1. Complete the grievance form in full.
  2. Ensure local officer has signed grievance form.
  3. Process appropriate copies as directed on the bottom of the grievance form.
  4. Should there be any changes in information, i.e. address, telephone, etc, subsequent to initiating the grievance, please notify your regional office.
  5. Complete the appropriate Grievance Checklist and attach it to your grievance form and the supporting documents.

Please ensure that all relevant documents are forwarded to your representative.

Download Grievance Forms and Documents here.