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OPSEU Global Solidarity Scholarship

OPSEU Global Solidarity Scholarship

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The Global Solidarity Scholarship Application deadline has now been extended to July 15, 2020. OPSEU offers ten scholarships annually of $1,000 each to support our goals of social justice and global solidarity.

OPSEU has made the fight against HIV/AIDS a top priority in our work towards a healthier international community by adopting the Live and Let Live Fund as part of our responsibility as a trade union.

HIV/AIDS activism and international worker solidarity across borders are the foundation of the OPSEU scholarships. We will ask our applicants to tell us about them in essay format, along with a summary of their personal involvement in helping to build our communities.

Who can apply:

This scholarship is open to dependents of OPSEU members in good standing who are studying at a publicly-funded, publicly-run post-secondary institution in Ontario.

At least five of the 10 scholarships will be awarded to students who identify as representing equity-seeking groups: racialized workers, Aboriginal workers, workers with disabilities; TBLGIAPQQ2S (trans, bi-sexual, lesbian, gay, intersex, asexual, pansexual, queer, questioning, and two-spirited) workers, francophone workers and women workers.  Applicants should acknowledge their eligibility for this equity qualification on their application form, if applicable.

How to apply:

The following items must be submitted with your application, and received by OPSEU by email or mail on or before the application deadline date (see application form for email and mailing addresses):

  • This application form, completed fully. Once the application form is open, click on view and then select “edit document” to fill out application and return by application deadline. 
  • Respond to ONE of the following questions. Your response may be a 1500 word essay, or a photo series, short video, poem, audio file, or visual art piece responding to one of the following questions:
  1. Why is HIV/AIDS an issue for all people and how can you contribute to   making a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS?
  2. Why is worker solidarity across borders so important?
  • Summary of your recent community, union, or other volunteer work, which helps to build healthy communities in Ontario