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OPSEU Educational Workers protest Bill 115

OPSEU Educational Workers protest Bill 115

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September 11, 2012

Educational workers will wear black on Wednesday, September 12, in protest against the passing of McGuinty’s anti-union legislation, Bill 115. All of Ontario’s Liberal and Conservative MPPs voted in favour of Bill 115. Only the 14 NDP MPPs voted against it.

More than 2000 OPSEU members in the Moosonee District School Area Board , Moosonee Roman Catholic Separate School Board, Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board, Peel District School Board, Rainbow District School Board (Sudbury), and Simcoe County District School Board are affected by the new undemocratic legislation.

Education support workers earn low wages, and will be hit hard by the passing of Bill 115. Educational Assistants are particularly vulnerable to the ramifications of this legislation. They are contract workers, and only paid hourly. They do not receive any wages over the summer or holidays.

Collective bargaining is a right. OPSEU’s educational workers stand in solidarity with their fellow sisters and brothers in all of Ontario’s unions as they protest this Bill.

Support our education workers by wearing black in your workplace on Wednesday.