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Ontario Public Service: Joint System Subcommittee (JSSC)

Ontario Public Service: Joint System Subcommittee (JSSC)


Campaign to Change CECBA

OPSEU files Charter challenge for thousands of public sector workers

November 6, 2009

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has filed a challenge under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms hoping to resolve a long-standing inequity affecting thousands of workers employed directly by the Ontario government. more…

Send an e-mail to Dalton McGuinty and your MPP – Tell them it’s time to change the law and restore arbitration for OPS classification grievances

In the Ontario Public Service, OPSEU members" job classifications – and our pay – are hopelessly out of date. That"s why there are more than 8,000 outstanding classification grievances. Mediation has failed to fix the problem.

There is only one way OPS employees will ever see classification issues resolved fairly. The McGuinty government must change the Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act and restore the right to arbitration for classification grievances.

March 23, 2007 FRONTlines – OPS job classifications: OPSEU campaign aims to change CECBA

March 23, 2007 Open letter to all members with OPS classification grievances

March 23, 2007 JSSC Update #3 – Q&A on the JSSC, mediation, arbitration and the campaign to change CECBA

March 23, 2007 Information meetings – Check the schedule for meetings in your region.  

March 23, 2007 Campaign Flyer & Postcard – download the Change CECBA Now campaign flyer and postcard to Dalton McGuinty. To download the postcard only for printing, click here. 

February 9, 2007 FRONTlines – Union pulls plug on classification grievance process

February 9, 2007 JSSC Update # 2  Questions and Answers

December 21, 2006 FRONTlines – Classification grievance backlog still not dealt with

December 20, 2005 JSSC Update: Questions and answers on the new process for dealing with OPS classification grievances

October 12, 2006 FRONTlines – Mediator"s report on classification grievances expected by year end