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News for members of OPSEU Locals 311, 575 and 581

News for members of OPSEU Locals 311, 575 and 581

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Newsletter cover photo

Issue 3 April 2017

What’s new?

On April 4, your Local President, OPSEU staff and legal counsel attended a consultation at the Ontario Labour Relations Board (“OLRB”).

The parties compiled a list of information needed to proceed with the PSLRTA process. The new Hospital has committed to providing that information to the union by May 1.

That information will have to be analyzed and its accuracy confirmed. The union will then prepare a submission for the Labour Board which will set out our proposed bargaining unit configuration in more detail. The response is due on May 18.

The parties will meet again with the OLRB on May 23. These discussions will determine whether we need to proceed to a hearing where the parties will ask the OLRB to decide the bargaining unit configuration. Right now, there is no agreement on what the bargaining units should be. The Hospital and CUPE are proposing a combined service/clerical unit. OPSEU has proposed a separate unit for clerical staff.

The Hospital is proposing three separate units for paramedical employees. OPSEU is proposing one bargaining unit for paramedical employees.

Dedicated web page for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital merger on OPSEU’s website

Please check this out!

From here you can select either:

Hospital Professionals (paramedical, allied, HPD etc.) Local 575 and Local 311


Hospital Support (office & clerical / service) Local 581

Bulletins, invites, and opportunities for you to provide input and feedback will be posted here. Visit often!

Upcoming Events

April 11 Local Executive Committee meeting, Local 575

April 16-22 Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 

April 24-28 OPSEU celebrates Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day all week

May Local 311 General Membership Meeting – watch for details to come!

May 23 Consultation re. PSLRTA at the OLRB

Contact: Tracey Mussett