Vote yes! Hospital Votes (upcoming mergers and more...)

News for Members of OPSEU Locals 311, 348, 575, and 581

News for Members of OPSEU Locals 311, 348, 575, and 581

Newsletter cover, issue 1, fall 2016. PSLRTA staff organizing
Newsletter cover, issue 1, fall 2016. PSLRTA staff organizing

Issue 1 Fall 2016

This is the first issue of a new communication tool to provide you with information and guide you through the upcoming merger.


All of the issues related to your working conditions, representation, bargaining rights, and so on will be sorted out through a process mandated by the Public Sector Labour Relations Transitions Act, better known as PSLRTA. You will be consulted, involved, informed and represented by OPSEU during every step.

OPSEU has been dealing with mergers like this ever since PSLRTA first became law in 1997.

What Happens December 1?

December 1 is now the target date for the beginning of the implementation phase of the merger. On that date, nothing will change as far as your employment, collective agreement, and union representation is concerned. Everything will stay the same. When the planning is finished and details are available, we will know better what timelines will be involved, and when changes will occur. With a merger of this size, there are many details to be figured out. So: until something changes, nothing changes.

In the meantime…

We are following the LHINs process (approvals and public consultations), and OPSEU staff and your local leadership are working together to make sure we have everything in place during this process. Your local executive still remains in place and the work it does with and for you continues. Any work-related issues continue to be dealt with by your team.

New organizing

OPSEU was contacted by non-union hospital professionals at The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) who were very anxious about how the merger will affect them. As non-union employees, their employer could change their terms and conditions at any time, and they would have no representation or support going through the merger.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board conducted a vote at TSH on October 18. The ballot box is “sealed” due to disputes between the union and the hospital with respect to who should be included in the newly certified bargaining unit. A consultation at the Labour Board is scheduled for November 9 to resolve the dispute.

Any non-union hospital staff who have questions about union representation, PSLRTA, and/or OPSEU, should contact our PSLRTA team (see below). It’s not too late for them to get the protection, expertise, advice, resources and representation of OPSEU.

Being informed is key!

Make sure that your local has all of your contact information. It is crucial that you are kept up to date on any local happenings. Please be sure that we have your secure (non-work) email address, your home address, and your telephone number. Watch your workplace union bulletin boards and your email for further bulletins and meeting notices.

Your PSLRTA staff team

Make yourself part of the process! Send us any questions or suggestions you may have. These will be answered in the next issue. Everyone who sends in a question will be eligible to have their name put in for a prize.

Contact us!

Leave a message for us at 1-844-OPSEU-4-U (1-844-677-3438) or send us an email:
Tracey Mussett Pauline Cheslock