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New Videos: Quality Education and Academic Freedom Conference

New Videos: Quality Education and Academic Freedom Conference

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The following videos are of key presentations from the recent annual OPSEU College Academics Conference on Quality Education and Academic Freedom.

Symposium Summary Video: Ontario Colleges, Quality Education and Academic Freedom

Keynote address

Place HolderJames L. Turk, Executive Director, Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) on academic freedom in Ontario colleges, trends in the post-secondary education sector and the fight for quality education.

Panel Discussion: Differing perspectives on academic freedom and quality education

Place HolderConstance Adamson, President, Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association (OCUFA) focuses on the push toward greater "accountability" (e.g. learning outcomes and other measurements) and what that means for academic integrity, freedom and pedagogy.

Penni Stewart, Professor of Sociology, York University and past President of CAUT, focuses on CAUT"s commitment to include academic freedom clauses in collective agreements, not just in policy statements.

Alastair Woods, Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario (CFS-Ontario) focusses on Ontario students" perspectives on quality education. 

Panel Discussion: College Faculty – the fight on many fronts

Darryl Bedford, President, OPSEU Local 110 at Fanshawe College, addresses the problems of outsourcing. 

Geoff Ondercin-Bourne, President, OPSEU Local 240 at Mohawk College, on the rollout of blended learning at Mohawk and the union strategy to resist it. 

Kevin Mackay, Steward, OPSEU Local 240 at Mohawk College focuses on the larger context of academic freedom as it relates to online learning and the austerity agenda.