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March of Dimes: Workers ready for OPSEU’s first e-picket

March of Dimes: Workers ready for OPSEU’s first e-picket

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The locked-out workers from Local 262 March of Dimes in Oakville may be a small unit of women, but they are gigantic in their efforts to get a decent contract. They are now reaching out in OPSEU’s first electronic picket.

The e-picket is the newest campaign strategy for this enthusiastic group. Some workers will dedicate their time sending out the message “Thinking about giving to the March of Dimes? Think again!” through various social media channels.

“The March of Dimes relies on donations to help build its assets,” says bargaining team member Jolene Schotsman. “That money should be used for services, not making profits. We want to encourage the employer to get back to the table to negotiate a decent contract.”

The workers still maintain a picket line at the worksite as well as canvassing door-to-door in their own communities.

The March of Dimes in Oakville locked out its workers on October 28 when the members refused to accept wage concessions.