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Make Belle River ServiceOntario public!

Make Belle River ServiceOntario public!


Belle River's privately operated ServiceOntario centre has just shut down. It's the second time in four years.

This cannot keep happening.

The people of Belle River and surrounding communities have a right to the full range of public services – right where they live.

Public = More

Only publicly operated ServiceOntario centres offer all the government services you need. Along with driver's licences and health cards, you can:

  • register a business
  • file Employment Standards Act claims
  • submit Landlord and Tenant Board documents
  • enter Ministry of Natural Resources draws for big game

The closest publicly operated office is 30 minutes away in downtown Windsor. We pay the same provincial taxes as all Ontarians. Why should we get less?

Public = Better

Publicly operated centres have only one goal: to provide the best possible public services.

Staff use their knowledge and experience to ensure clients get exactly what they need.

Privately operated centres also have one goal: to generate the biggest possible profit for the owner.

Owners get a government fee for every transaction. The more transactions, the more fees. Staff hurry clients through – whether or not they get the best service, the right service, and the right answers.

Which would YOU rather use: a public centre or a private centre?

Act now: Time is short!

Belle River deserves a stable, reliable, full-service ServiceOntario – right in our community.

Tell elected officials to make Belle River's ServiceOntario public.

ServiceOntario is ours! We pay for it! We own it!