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Liquor Board Employees Division: Photos

Liquor Board Employees Division: Photos

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LBED province-wide info pickets get our message out!

From all corners of the provinces liquor board employees got their 'Good Jobs' message out to the public and the media on April 19 during noon hour information pickets. 

Despite cold and blustery weather conditions in many parts of the province, the info pickets in London, Hamilton, Peterborough, Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury and Thunder Bay attracted hundreds of LBED members and their supporters.

Media attention to the pickets was considerable outside the GTA with widespread newspaper, television and radio reporting.

OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas, and First VP-Treasurer, Eddie Almeida, attended rallies in Toronto and Hamilton, respectively. Several other OPSEU executive board members joined the pickets in other regions of the province.

Mobilizers reported that members of the public were supportive of LBED's 'Good Jobs for our Community' message. Many said they were surprised to learn how many LCBO retail employees were working part-time and expressed support for their efforts to gain permanent, full-time work.

The next big public demonstration by LBED members and supporters will be this Thursday, April 25 when delegates attending OPSEU's 2013 Convention rally during the noon hour outside LCBO headquarters in downtown Toronto.


Hamilton with OPSEU VP Eddie Almeida, centre


LBED province-wide info picket – Ottawa


Outside LCBO headquarters in Toronto with mobilizer Craig Hadley at the microphone


Toronto with OPSEU President Smokey Thomas, left, and executive board member-elect Myles Magner, right, with striking Porter Airline workers, centre


In Peterborough with executive board member Sarah Labelle, second from left


LBED member Eric Davis is interviewed by the media in Ottawa


A Scottish piper leads OPSEU President Smokey Thomas, left, and executive board member Nancy Pridham, centre, to the info rally in Toronto