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LCBO workers to the corporation: “1.6 billion in pure profit: you can afford to do better”

LCBO workers to the corporation: “1.6 billion in pure profit: you can afford to do better”

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With its huge profits, the LCBO can afford to provide good jobs and yet two-thirds of its employees struggle to survive on part-time work. This was the message LCBO members brought to the openings of their strike headquarters in seven communities across Ontario today.

Media events took place in London, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa, Sudbury and Thunder Bay. Members report that media interest was high at all locations. OPSEU Executive Board members joined LCBO members at these events. An additional 26 headquarters will open throughout the week.“

The question is, “What kind of an Ontario do we want?” said LBED mobilizer Craig Hadley at the opening of the strike trailer across from LCBO headquarters. The event was heavily covered by the Toronto media. “When it comes to jobs, do we want an Ontario where people are forever scrambling to make a living out of two or three part-time, temporary jobs with no benefits, no job security and no way to save for retirement?“

Or do we want an Ontario with good permanent jobs with benefits that allow us to live decently, give our children what they need, and retire with dignity. The answer is obvious. Yet the LCBO, like so many employers, acts as if our families – and our communities – can survive on part-time, temporary and unstable jobs.”

Two-thirds of LCBO employees are casuals with no guaranteed hours, few benefits and an average income that is less than $26,000 a year – at a corporation that made $1.6 billion in pure profit last year.Photos will be posted as they come in.