Important voices on the trades

Important voices on the trades

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OPSEU workers at the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) know the trades. Here are some other voices of expertise who also know how important it is to ensure appropriate apprenticeship training and safe regulation of skilled trades in Ontario.

The indispensable work of our members

5 Reasons why the College of Trades is good for Ontario | Carpenters District Council of Ontario Local 27
Consumer protection, promoting skilled trades to youth, and workers’ health and safety are just three of those five reasons (plus a bonus 6th reason).

New website allows Ontarians to check qualifications of tradespeople | Peter Edwards, Toronto Star
“There are [23] trades in Ontario where it’s compulsory by law to have specialized training and qualifications before beginning to work. The new site allows you to simply type a name into the directory and check out the qualifications of tradespeople.”

Ontario College of Trades Q&A | Carpenters District Council of Ontario Local 27
“Having a regulatory college gives the trades professional recognition. The College raises the profile of the skilled trades, and promotes the trades as great career opportunities for our young people.”

The dangers of deregulating the skilled trades

Unions defend Ontario College of Trades: ‘It is not red tape’ | Blackburn News
“Spokespeople for Unifor Local 444, UA Local 527 and IBEW Local 773 say the Ontario PC-majority government’s plan to reform the apprenticeship system will be a step back.”

The consequences of eliminating the College of Trades | Scotty Hertz, Electrician,
“If there is no mass active resistance to the forthcoming changes and no viable alternatives proposed, the fast and cheap trades era will be upon us in short order, with definite consequences.”

Doug Ford’s plan to scrap OCOT would harm Ontario skilled trade workers | Unifor
“The government has failed to state what that OCOT would be replaced by, and in the legislation, is threatening removal of quality and training by downgrading a number of trades from highly skilled categories to craft trades.”

Here’s why Doug Ford’s changes to Ontario’s apprenticeship rules could mean more workplace injuries | PressProgress
“Ontario is moving towards the same model as BC where injuries in skilled trades are four times higher than the national average.”

Don’t kill the College of Trades | Tim Armstrong, former Deputy Minister of Labour, Hamilton Spectator
“What is surely now required is […] a full and open consultation with the trades sectors, with the college administration and with the public at large to determine what further action is necessary to ensure that a fair and effective college-led trades governing process is in place. The alternative […] is the real risk of sectoral chaos, with serious negative safety and economic consequences.”

After Bill 47: Experts call for strong apprenticeships, safe workplaces and public protection

James Barry, Executive Chairman of IBEW CCO, responds to questions about Bill 47 | IBEW CCO
“We encourage the government to ensure that any [apprenticeship] modernization plan does not include reducing the level of training for a trade like electrician, which involves complex and dangerous work.”

Ontario College of Trades: Are changes on the horizon? | IBEW CCO
“IBEW CCO agrees that there is room for improvement [and] calls for the inclusion of skilled trades and trade representatives on any panel that may be making decisions about the future of the College.”

Ontario Building Trades respond to Bill 47 | Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario
“The current system administered through the Ontario College of Trades brings labour, contractors and business owners together to review and agree upon ratios for each trade. […] The resulting apprenticeship ratio is specific to that trade and not a one-size-fits-all approach that is dramatically different than the proposal in Bill 47, on this issue.”