Hudak’s Plan B: Still planning to cut your wages

Hudak’s Plan B: Still planning to cut your wages



If you liked Made in the USA – Tim Hudak's plan to cut your wages you're going to love the sequel.

At OPSEU Convention 2014, we launched our latest video: Tim Hudak's Plan B – STILL planning to cut your wages.

Made in the USA detailed the disastrous impact the so-called right-to-work law Tim Hudak wants to bring to Ontario has had on the American middle class. In an apparent about face last February 21st however, Mr. Hudak yanked the union-busting legislation from his policy platform but added that he had something "much bigger" in mind.

So what is "Hudak's Plan B"?

It's well known that Ontario's Conservative leader looks south of the border for inspiration. In January 2011, Wisconsin's Republican Governor, Scott Walker may have provided Hudak with a blueprint on how to crush a union without enacting a right-to-work law.

Walker passed a package of anti-union legislation that cut public sector workers' take home pay, tied up unions in red tape, privatized public services and shut workers' elected leaders out of public policy debates – all measures identical to planks still in Tim Hudak's June election platform.

Hudak's Plan B is a lively 7 ½ minute look by respected journalist Bill Gillespie at the Wisconsin experience and its possible links to the future of Ontario labour relations.

In it, OPSEU President Warren Smokey Thomas warns OPSEU's 130,000 members that the June 12, 2014 Ontario election "is very, very important".

"If Hudak wins a majority," he says, "It's your job that's at stake. It's your future that's at stake. It's your pension plan that's at stake".