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Who we are / What we do

The Hospital Professionals Division (HPD) was created by a merger of the former Medical Division and hospital based units of the Association of Allied Health Professionals: Ontario. The Division includes Locals or Units whose members are employed by public hospitals, predominantly as regulated paramedical professional and paramedical professional employees.

The Division covers over 24,000 members in approximately 90 bargaining units in public hospitals across the province.

Aims and Purposes

  • to promote the attainment of improved working conditions for and the general advancement of regulated paramedical professional employees and paramedical professional employees within a high quality health care delivery system;

  • to analyze and develop policy, motions and resolutions concerning hospital regulated paramedical professional and paramedical professional matters;

  • to engage in such activities as may be lawful and in the best interests of the membership, in accordance with the objectives of advancing the aims of their respective professions and of securing, in the interests of the public, the highest possible level of health care;

  • to develop policies to guide Member Locals and Member Units in developing collective bargaining demands;

  • to advance the aims, purposes and goals of the Division within the Union;

  • to promote and support aims, purposes and goals of the Union, as a Division and with other Union groups;

  • to participate with other member Divisions in the Health Care Divisional Council

Hospital Professionals Division Scholarship Fund
The Hospital Professionals Division offers seven scholarships (one per region) annually to students who are entering professions in the allied professions represented by the division.

HPD Pre-Bargaining Survey 2015

The HPD Pre-Bargaining Survey can be found at this link: HPD 2015 Pre-Bargaining Survey

PDF copy of the HPD survey in English can be found at this link: HPD Pre-Bargaining Survey – English

PDF copy of the HPD survey in French can be found at this link:2015 HPD Pre-Bargaining Survey – French

This bargaining survey is being distributed to every hospital professional employee in an OPSEU hospital bargaining unit across the province.  Its purpose is to help your HPD Executive prepare for the Pre-Bargaining Conference for all OPSEU hospital bargaining units being organized for April 21, 2015.  This is an opportunity to voice your concerns and wishes for the next Central Agreement.

Remember that even if your bargaining unit does not participate in Central bargaining, what is contained in the Central Agreement often directly affects what you are able to achieve in your own local bargaining. That is why we are looking for input form all locals and members before the most crucial decisions are made.

This survey is intended to be completely anonymous, unless you indicate otherwise. You may submit only 1 (one) survey.

Workload Alert Form

Workload Alert Form

A PDF copy of the French Workload Alert Form can be downloaded at this link: Alerte_a_la_charge_de_travail.pdf

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