HOOPP 2012 Annual Report

HOOPP 2012 Annual Report


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HOOPP releases 2012 Annual Report

March 25, 2013

HOOPP releases their 2012 Annual Report Thought Change.  Highlights include:

  • The funds' assets grew from $40.3 Billion to $47.4 Billion in 2012.
  • This represents a 17.1% growth and the Fund's highest rate of return in 10 years.
  • HOOPP remains fully funded at 104%.

For details and to download a copy please visit HOOPP's website. You can also view a video with the CEO of HOOPP, Jim Keohane, speaking about the 2012 investment returns and the status of the plan. https://hoopp.com/Investments/Annual-Report/

The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) is a Defined Benefit pension plan that has over $40 billion in assets and provides a pension for over 265,000 members and pensioners.  It is a stable, viable and cost effective investment, that allows its" members a sound and low-risk way to save for their retirement (and the employer makes contributions too!).  If you work in the health care profession, and your organization belongs to the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), you may be eligible to join the plan, even if you do not work full time.  Check with your Human Resources department to find out.  For information about how joining HOOPP might benefit you go to the HOOPP website.

If you"re already a HOOPP member and enjoying the advantages of saving for your retirement, you might have questions about one of the many benefits HOOPP offers such as: