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Developmental Services Bargaining 2011 Newsletters

Developmental Services Bargaining 2011 Newsletters


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Workers call for solidarity on 6th annual Developmental Services Worker Appreciation Day

November 29, 2011 Pattern Bargaining Newsletter: Thousands of developmental services workers across Ontario will be recognized for the important work that they do in our communities on January 19, 2012.  Download PDF

Developmental Services rally in Ottawa Sept. 23

September 23,  2011 Central Bargaining News – Two weeks before the Ontario elections, OPSEU Developmental Services workers are taking their message to the doorstep of Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community and Social Services. Download PDF

Bargaining Update

August 31,  2011 Central Bargaining News – 47 OPSEU units remain in bargaining and, of these, 41 have now filed for conciliation. In addition, there have been five strike votes, all of which have given a strong strike mandate to their bargaining teams. Download PDF

Vote for Developmental Services on October 6

August 8,  2011 Central Bargaining News – 8,000 Developmental Services workers across the province will be considering who will be the best defenders of good jobs and services in this sector when they vote on October 6. Download PDF

New report recommends increased funding for Developmental Services

August 2,  2011 Central Bargaining News – Ontario Ministry for Community and Social Services findings back up the World Health Organization report. Download PDF

Full-time, permanent jobs deliver quality services and are good for communities! 

July 25,  2011 Central Bargaining News – Ontario’s Developmental Services sector serves many of the most vulnerable in the province. These people deserve continuity of care. Working people are also part of our community. They deserve decent jobs: full-time, permanent jobs that allow them to build a good future for their families. Download PDF

Bulletin: Developmental Services units are mobilizing to take a stand and fight for decent jobs

June 23, 2011 Close to 50 units are currently in bargaining and positioning themselves to file for conciliation. Job security language that deals with potential agency mergers is key to this action. Download PDF

Flyer: Developmental service workers enable people with disabilities to actively participate in their communities.

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