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Cuts Hurt Us All!

Cuts Hurt Us All!


Starting this summer, Premier Dalton McGuinty will eliminate 1,900 vital public service jobs. At the same time, he is giving away billions in tax cuts to rich corporations. If the Liberals are re-elected October 6, more job cuts are planned for next year. As well, the Liberals aim to contract-out or privatize services.

If elected, Conservative Leader Tim Hudak will cut even more jobs and privatize services.  Find out more about the destructive McGuinty / Hudak agendas.

Public services are delivered by people. Whether a job is eliminated by attrition — not replacing a retired employee — or by a layoff, there is an impact on the services that people rely on.

A job cut is a service cut. Find out more about potential impacts.


  • The Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) will stop delivering Special Services At Home, a program that supports adults with developmental disabilities;
  • MCSS has eliminated the jobs of staff who run compliance audits on local governments to ensure they are delivering millions of dollars in social assistance in accordance with legislation;
  • Toronto-based inspectors with the Ministry of Environment’s Drinking Water Lead Inspection Program will be cut, and a front-line drinking water inspector will be cut from each of the following offices: London, Windsor, Ajax and Cornwall;
  • The MOE has eliminated the jobs of seven technical experts including the Ministry’s sole senior air audit scientist, an analytical technologist, two hydrogeologists and a watershed management specialist;
  • 20 per cent of staff at the Ministry of Consumer Services who regulate pay day loan companies, collection agencies and credit bureaus.

Here is just some of what we do :

  • Protect your health card from fraud;
  • Protect our air, land, water, forests, fish and wildlife
  • Dispatch ambulances to emergencies
  • Help people with disabilities live with dignity
  • Keep unsafe trucks off the road
  • Process divorces, restraining orders and court orders for child and spousal support
  • Secure violent offenders
  • Assist with hundreds of job-training programs
  • Help Ontario companies grow and create jobs.