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Count Me In: The OPSEU Membership Census

Count Me In: The OPSEU Membership Census

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The Social Mapping Implementation Task Force Committee

In February 2009, the Executive Board passed a governance structure for the Social Mapping Project. Two committees were formed with the goal of having representation from each of the equity committees and caucuses, as well as each OPSEU region and division.

In June 2011, the Executive Board passed a proposal to develop an Implementation Task Force.  The Implementation Task force was struck in September, 2011 and its main focus is to research, prioritize, and cost the recommendations flowing from Phase II of the membership systems review:

  1. Jeff Arbus — Representative from the President’s Office
  2. Deb Tungatt — Representative from the Executive Board
  3. Elaine Kerr — Provincial Women’s Committee (PWC)
  4. Elizabeth Ha — Workers of Colour Caucus (WOCC)
  5. Elie Labaky — Provincial Young Workers Committee (PYWC)
  6. Helen Riehl — Representative for the remaining Equity Committees and Caucuse