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Connect: OPSEU Local 659

Connect: OPSEU Local 659

Group of smiling medical professionals
Group of smiling medical professionals

February 13 marks historic occasion for OPSEU health professionals

Yesterday, February 13, marked an historic anniversary for OPSEU health professionals. It was on that date, 14 years ago, that hundreds of X-ray technologists, physiotherapists, lab professionals and others participated in a province-wide “Day of Action” to protest against severe staff shortages in 40 hospitals and to back demands for wage increases.

From Toronto in the south, to Sudbury in the north, and in towns and cities in between, members of OPSEU’s Hospital Professional Division set up information picket lines to take their message directly to the public and the Ontario Hospital Association.

Also at stake in the protest was an effort by the OHA to block central arbitration. In the end, OPSEU’s position prevailed and central bargaining is now a fixture in contract negotiations.

Although the protest lasted only one day, many hospital professionals view February 13, 2003, as a turning point for OPSEU health professionals.

“It was definitely a day to remember,” says Sara Labelle, Chair of the OPSEU Hospital Professionals Division. “From that day forward, OPSEU health professionals were more unified than ever before. That unity has paid off at the bargaining table where we can measure many gains for our members.”

New local contract gets 100 per cent support from OPSEU HSN members

Members of Local 659 delivered an outstanding vote of support for our latest contract on local issues. A perfect 100 per cent of voting members ratified our latest contract at a meeting on January 30. Hats off to our bargaining team for delivering on the demands our members called for!

Ontario Labour Relations Board consultation:

On February 2, all of the parties (OPSEU, ONA, and Health Sciences North) met at the Ontario Labour Relations Board with regards to the recent transfer of staff between North Bay Regional Health Sciences and Health Sciences North. All of the parties maintained their positions and OPSEU is now waiting for a decision from the Vice-Chair, Matthew Wilson.

Mileage rates stay fixed at 50 cents per kilometre

Despite pushback from our employer, OPSEU has managed to maintain the 50 cent per kilometre rate for Local 659 members. This comes as great news to our members who travel considerable distances in their work, at a time when the price of gasoline in creeping up again.

Recap: OPSEU negotiates 4.2 per cent wage increase over three years

OPSEU successfully negotiated a 4.2 per cent wage hike for hospital professionals in our last round of bargaining. A breakdown of the numbers:

Effective April 1, 2016 – 1.4 per cent wage increase
Effective April 1, 2017 – 1.4 per cent wage increase
Effective April 1, 2018 – 1.4 per cent wage increase

Grievance update

OPSEU has filed an inclusion grievance claiming that the following positions fall within the parameters of our existing bargaining unit:

ACS Technician, Child and Youth Counsellor, Intervention (Intravention) Worker, Planner Care Transitions, Planner Spec Resp Serv, Clinical Behavioural Specialist (Therapist), Behavioural Intervention Specialist.

OPSEU Local 659 celebrates the holiday season!

Dozens of OPSEU health professionals at HSN showed up for a pair of holiday receptions on December 14 and 15. Much fun and laughter marked these opportunities for members to mingle and celebrate our achievements. Holiday season goodie bags were handed out to the lucky early arrivals.

We are launching a new communications initiative for OPSEU members at Health Sciences North

Your union has:

  • Important news
  • Essential information about your union
  • Opportunities for your input

In the coming months, we will be issuing a Connect bulletin to provide updates, notifications, and information. There will also be requests for your input and feedback on a number of issues.

We need your assistance and involvement.

Every department needs at least one person named as the Connect contact for that area. That person will receive all bulletins and will be asked to share it with all of the members in their area. A department can have more than one person named to the Connect network.

NOTE: This is a new program outside of the local’s other elected committee functions. You do not need to be a steward or a member of another LEC committee. You simply want to be in the know and to share information with co-workers. Your elected local representatives will continue with all of the great work they do for the members.

Contact Us

If you would like any further information, don’t hesitate to email or phone us below:

Norm Pilon, OPSEU Staff Representative Email: Cell: 705-665-2216
Kiera Chion, OPSEU Organizer Email: Cell: 416-526-0330