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Community walk keeps Ontario Place alive

Community walk keeps Ontario Place alive


The accumulative efforts of many organizations and individuals have resulted in a renewed interest in what happens at Ontario Place.  OPSEU, MPP Rosario Marchese, and No Casino Toronto hosted a Jane’s Walk on May 4, 2013, another event to keep the public engaged.

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The tour highlighted the historical iconic architecture at Ontario Place, the historic significance of the Exhibition grounds, accessibility issues to the area, and the importance of public space.

Jane’s Walk celebrates the late, urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out to explore their neighbourhoods. Free walking tours are held on the first weekend of May each year. The walks are led by organizations or individuals to talk about what matters in the places they live and work.

Ontario Place has been the target for a mega casino and condominiums since its sudden closure in February 2012. Last June, when the government announced, there will be no casino at Ontario Place, in its next sentence, recommended Toronto’s Exhibition grounds would be an ideal location for a mega-casino. Ontario Place’s closest and only neighbour. 

Toronto City Councillor’s made it abundantly clear to the province there will be no downtown casino by a vote, 40 to 4, on the issue today.

On the condominium issue, the government originally accepted the Ministries Advisory Report recommendations that the revitalization of Ontario Place include condominiums, which would cover a third of the park space. However, that recommendation has been removed off of the government’s website since May 3, 2013. 

OPSEU has a keen interest in the outcome of Ontario Place, over 600 jobs, mostly young student workers, where lost with the closure of the park.