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Choose Public Day March 29 2012

Choose Public Day March 29 2012


Public services meet our most basic needs and reduce inequality. With the public sector, you get better services, lower costs, equal access and good jobs in your community. With Dalton McGuinty, you get cuts and privatization.

Programs everywhere are under attack.

It"s time to make our voices heard. Spending cuts and privatization won"t make Ontario stronger.

That"s why we"ve designated Thursday, March 29 as Choose Public Day. This is two days after the government is expected to announce further deep spending cuts and job losses in the provincial budget. 

On March 29 we ask all members to:

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The following workplaces in the Ontario Public Service are under threat of being cut, closed, privatized or downloaded:

  • ServiceOntario
  • Ontario Place
  • Bluewater Youth Centre
  • Brookside Youth Centre
  • Cecil Facer Youth Centre
  • Thistletown Regional Centre
  • Provincial Schools
  • Ontario Disability Support Program

These cuts are in addition to:

  • the elimination of entire programs in previous rounds of spending cuts including inspectors checking for lead in drinking water and program review staff monitoring billions of dollars in social assistance;  and
  • the closure of the Walkerton and Owen Sound Jails.  

More than 670 OPSEU members have received lay-off notices since January 1, 2011.