Choose Public Day: March 29 2012

Choose Public Day: March 29 2012


OPSEU speaks up for public services

Two days after the release of a budget that will cut billions of dollars from public services, members in workplaces across the union came to work dressed in black and wearing Choose Public wristbands or stickers.  Coverage from events across Ontario.

Video: Local 555 members share their concerns about cuts to public services

Two days after the Ontario budget was released, Local 555 members talk about the important work they do on behalf of the people of Ontario and their concerns about cuts to public services  View the video below.


The union designated March 29 as Choose Public Day and asked members to show their support for public services, by dressing in black, wearing a Choose Public sticker and/or wristband and posting our flyer in the workplace.

Summary of Events

The Ontario budget is coming out next Tuesday, March 27. The media are reporting that the McGuinty government has accepted at least half of the recommendations put forward in the Drummond Report of Feb. 15. 

This will mean deep spending cuts and the further privatization of public services. These measures will have a direct impact on tens of thousands of OPSEU members and their families.

As we have seen with the recent fiasco at Ornge, handing public services over to CEO wannabes to run them for their own profit is a recipe for disaster.

Resistance to the government’s plans is growing every day. More and more people are saying that the key to keeping public services and the province’s finances strong is tax fairness.

The fact is Ontario’s public services receive less funding per capita than any other province in Canada. We provide high quality services at a very low cost to each and every Ontarian. Our jobs provide economic stability in communities that could not survive without our spending power.

On March 29 we asked all members to:

  • Dress in black
  • Wear a Choose Public sticker or design your own
  • Wear a Choose Public wristband.  (if your local previously ordered them)
  • Download a flyer  and post
  • Download a poster  and post

Read this Q & A for more information on Choose Public Day

Additional Resources 

Flyer: two to a page for printing   English   French  Bilingual
Poster, 8.5 x11  English  French
Sticker graphic English  French