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Central Political Action Committee Videos


Made In The USA: Tim Hudak's plan to cut your wages

September 2013 Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak is championing U.S.-style labour laws designed to weaken unions, but similar laws in the U.S. have driven down wages and kicked increasing numbers of people out of the middle class. In this documentary, veteran journalist Bill Gillespie heads south to find out the real impact of what Hudak is planning for working people in Ontario. Veteran journalist Bill Gillespie travels to the USA to discover the impact of "right to work" laws on working people.

No Free Ride

March, 2013 Award-winning Canadian director Bruce McDonald is sending a message to Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak about that party's plans for the province's unions.

People For Corporate Tax Cuts

People For Corporate Tax Cuts member Jimmy sold his hockey gear to help pay for corporate tax cuts

January 26, 2011 People For Corporate Tax Cuts is funny. It's provocative. It's a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign that makes the point that corporate tax cuts have a price. The campaign includes a number of humourous videos as well as an opportunity to win $500 by submitting your own video or photograph about what you might give up to pay for corporate tax cuts.

Visit the People For Corporate Tax Cuts website 

Operation Maple


Stephen Harper Visits Correctional Officer in Front of the Don Jail

January 26, 2011 With the stated mission ‘Take Canada Back’, Operation Maple is a social media project developed and produced by a team of people who want to communicate the message that the people we elect to represent us do not have our best interests at heart. They put big corporations ahead of regular Canadians.

With titles such as ‘Old Spice Stephen Harper’, “To Kill a Union” and “Home Care Cuts and our Later Years”, these videos are a must-see for all labour activists.

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