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CAAT Support Community Colleges JCC Awards

CAAT Support Community Colleges JCC Awards


CAAT Support Joint Classification


This section provides information on arbitration awards related to support staff classification grievances.

By clicking on each position title (listed below), you can view:

  • The initial position description form for each position
  • The arbitration data sheet for each position
  • The union’s submission to the arbitrator
  • The college’s submission to the arbitrator
  • The arbitrator’s award

Classification Awards with Submissions

CAAT Classification Awards Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains headnotes of Classification Awards and will be helpful as a reference guide for case development.
CAAT Classification Awards Spreadsheet

CAAT Classification Awards

Click on the following position descriptions to see the classification award ONLY. These awards are not password protected.

Algonquin Employment Consultant

Algonquin Senior Technician

Algonquin Student Success Specialist

Boreal Administrative Assistant Foundation

Boreal Administrative Assistant Foundation Arbitration Data Sheet

Boreal Agente au Services des Finances

Boreal Employment Consultant

Cambrian Dental Clinic Receptionist

Cambrian Liaison Assistant

Canadore General Maintenance Locksmiths

Centennial Scheduling Officers

Centennial College Help Desk Tech Support

Centennial Receptionist

Centennial Secretary Continuing Education

Confederation Administrative Assistant

Confederation Administrative Assistant arbitration data sheet

Confederation AVTech

Confederation Program Officer

Confederation Web Designer

Fanshawe Accountant

Fanshawe Athletics Officer

Fanshawe Career Services Consultants

Fanshawe Computer Lab Technologist

Fanshawe Customer Service Representative Financial Aid

Fanshawe Customer Service Representative Book Store

Fanshawe customer Service Representative Financial Aid ****

Fanshawe Electrician

Fanshawe Facilities Intermediate Accountant

Fanshawe Improper Classification

Fanshawe IT Solutions Architect

Fanshawe P.O.

Fanshawe Security Systems Specialist

Fanshawe Senior IT Specialist

Fanshawe Technologist

GBC Coordinator ITS Policy and Procedure

George Brown Benefits Administrator

George Brown Systems Analyst

Georgian Academic Officer

Georgian Academic Program Assistant

Georgian Campus Connections Coord

Georgian Financial Aid Officers

Georgian Financial Aid Officers

Georgian Programmer Analysts

Georgian Senior Accounts Payable

Humber Employment Specialist

Humber Student Services Assistant

Humber Support Service Technician

Lambton Learning Specialist

Lambton Mechanical Technologist

Loyalist Preventative Maintenance Mechanic

Mohawk Academic Systems Specialist: Springate
Mohawk Admissions Advisors

Mohawk Automotive Technologist

Mohawk Buyer Accounts Payable Coordinator

Mohawk Client Service Representative

Mohawk Electrical and Computer Engineering Technologist: Springate

Mohawk Functional Expert

Mohawk Information System Specialist

Mohawk Jon Connect Consultants

Mohawk Job Connect Consultants

Mohawk Library Technician

Mohawk Library Techs

Mohawk Nurse Technologists

Mohawk Pathway Coordinator

Mohawk Registrar Administrative Coordinator

Mohawk Systems co-ordinator

Mohawk Systems co-ordinator arb data sheet

Niagara Coop Educational Consultant

Northern Technical Support Specialist

Northern Program Assistant Apprenticeship Program

Northern Program Assistant Student Advisor

Northern Gen”l Maint Worker

Northern Senior Library Tech

Northern Student Services Clerk

Northern System Technologist Arb Data Sheet

Northern Systems Technologist

Northern Training Consultant

Sault Admissions Record Officer

Sault Admission Records Clerks

Sault IT Lab Specialist

Sault IT Network Specialist

Seneca Audio Visual Technician

Seneca Coop Coordinator

Seneca Program Services Clerk

Seneca Registered Nurse

Seneca Secretary

St Clair Caretakers

St Clair Employment Consultant Interim Award

St Clair Job Connect Cons

St Clair Marketing Officer

St Clair Plumber

St. Lawrence Library Technician

St Lawrence Systems Analyst

St Lawrence Systems Analyst *****