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CAAT Support 2014 Bargaining Team

CAAT Support 2014 Bargaining Team


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If you have any questions at all about bargaining, feel free to e-mail your team at any time. Our address is CAATSBargainingTeam2014@opseu.org.

Final Election Results

Bargaining Team

Florry Foster (Local 137 St. Clair) — Chair
Richard Belleau (Local 731 Confederation) — Vice-Chair
Janice Hagan (Local 561 Seneca)
Deborah Cooper (Local 563 Humber)
Dan Brisson (Local 672 College Boreal)
Rasho Donchev (Local 559 Centennial)
Kathy Hokum (Local 351 Fleming)


1st Alternate Tracy Macmaster (Local 561 Seneca)
2nd Alternate Robyn Papoff (Local George Brown 557)

3rd Alternate Michael McKeown (Local 353 Durham)
4th Alternate Christine Kelsey (Local 416 Algonquin)
5th Alternate Ron Kelly (Local 109 Fanshawe)
6th Alternate Louis Belisle (Local 471 La Cite)


Richard Belleau (Local 731Confederation) — Chair
Florry Foster (Local 137 St. Clair) — Vice-Chair
Rasho Donchev (Local 559 Centennial)
Janice Hagan (Local. 561 Seneca)
Dan Brisson (Local 672 College Boreal)


1st Alternate Deborah Cooper (Local 563 Humber)
2nd Alternate Kathy Hokum (Local 351 Fleming)
3rd Alternate Naz Binck (Local 137 St. Clair)
4th Alternate Robyn Papoff (Local 557 George Brown)
5th Alternate Alec Ip (Local 124 Lambton)


Region 1-2:  Andre Savoie (Local 109 Fanshawe)
Region 3-4: Michael McKeown (Local 353 Durham )

Region 5: Mark Hastings (Local 559 Centennial)
Region 6-7: Owen Smith (Local 731 Confederation)


Region 1-2: Fred Oliver (Local 245 Sheridan)
Region 3-4: Christine Kelsey (Local 416 Algonquin)

Region 5: Robyn Papoff (Local 557 George Brown)
Region 6-7: Adair Conlon (Local 731 Confederation)

CAAT Support elects 2014 bargaining team

CAAT Support 2014 Bargaining Team

Close to 100 CAAT Support delegates, observers, alternates and guests met this past weekend in Toronto and elected the team that will guide the division through next year's round of bargaining.

"There was a very good level of enthusiasm right through the weekend and that speaks well as we prepare for demand setting and, later next year, bargaining our new collective agreement," said Florry Foster, chair of the divisional executive. Foster was also elected as chair of the bargaining team.

OPSEU president Smokey Thomas opened the weekend conference with a keynote address that stressed the need for members to demonstrate solidarity throughout what he said promised to be a tough round of contract negotiations.

He told the delegates that while the Wynne government has remained faithful to her predecessor's austerity agenda, that penny-pinching hasn't extended to senior management at Ontario's 24 community colleges whose presidents, for the most part, earn in excess of $300,000 annually.

"It's our members who are told to tighten their belts," said Thomas. "You don't hear those instructions levelled against the college presidents."

JP Hornick, chair of CAAT Academic, delivered greetings from her members and reminded support workers that both groups would be negotiating their new collective agreements simultaneously in 2014. "Both our groups need to stick together like never before," she said. "This will be a new (bargaining) experience for support and academics."

Besides electing bargaining team members, delegates also elected a team of mobilizers and members to the employer-employee relations committee (EERC), as well as alternates.

Several presentations were also delivered. OPSEU staff delivered an update on future plan for organizing part-time college employees. Other reports to the delegates included those from the divisional executive, EERC, and the grievance scheduling, joint insurance, CAAT pension and joint classification committees.