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CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee

CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee


The CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) is formed under Appendix IV of the CAAT Academic Collective Agreement. The purpose of the JIC is to facilitate communication between the Council and OPSEU on the subject of group insurance.

Every month the CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) helps overturn decisions made by Sun Life on claim denials of the Extended Health, Dental, Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance (including Basic, Supplementary, Supplementary Spousal and Dependent) plans.

The JIC meets monthly to review claim problems and attempt to resolve them. OPSEU, as your advocate, takes an active role in Committee meetings.

Why would I want to appeal a claim that has been denied?

  • Your claim may have been improperly denied (it happens more often than you think).
  • Claims that are denied today may highlight important future bargaining demands.

How can I appeal claims for denied Insured Benefits?

Appeal the denial through the Union members of the Joint Insurance Committee (JIC).  The JIC is composed of OPSEU representatives and the College Council. Sun Life representatives also attend.

Who are my JIC Union representatives?

Heather Giardine-Tuck, Union Co-Chair, Local 240, Mohawk College, Email: heathergiardinetuck@hotmail.com

Landyn Blais, Local 415, Algonquin College, Email: lblaisopseu415@gmail.com

Urszula Kosecka, Local 562, Humber College, Email: cogito727@yahoo.ca

Terry Poirier, Local 242, Nigara College, Email: tpoir76@gmail.com

Kim Macpherson, OPSEU Benefits Counsellor, Email: kmacpherson@opseu.org

How do I commence an appeal to the Joint Insurance Committee?

  • First, make certain (through phone call, email or discussion) to note your complaint with Sun Life, the College Benefit Administrator at your College, and your Local Union when you become aware of the denial of benefits by Sun Life. Sometimes submitting additional information directly to Sun Life will resolve the problem.
  • If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, contact one of the members of the Joint Insurance Committee so that they can advocate for you. It is essential that you provide your contact information and any written documentation about what you want to appeal such as a copy of the denial from Sun Life and the signed  CAAT Academic JIC Authorization, as well as any notes or reports from your dentist or doctor.
  • Complete the authorization and send it along with your documentation to your JIC advocate or to Kim Macpherson, Benefits Counsellor. Kim Macpherson works in the Pension and Benefits Unit at OPSEU – 5757 Coopers Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1R9 Fax: (905)712-3009.

All information submitted to the JIC is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the insurer, your treating health providers and the committee.




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