Aims and Purposes of the Health Care Divisional Council

Aims and Purposes of the Health Care Divisional Council

  • To promote the attainment of improved working conditions for, and the general advancement of, health care workers and their respective professions within a high quality health care delivery system;
  • To ensure OPSEU and the Council are respected and recognized across the health care sector as THE voice for health care employees in Ontario;
  • To coordinate policy matters related to health care and health care workers in the broader public service so that consistent approaches are taken by the Union and the Divisions on health care issues across the province;
  • To provide a structure which will allow the focusing of resources on health care issues; and
  • To participate with other union groups to promote and support the aims, goals and purposes of the Council.


  • Coordinates activities of member Divisions;
  • Develops recommendations on health care policy matters that cross Division lines;
  • Monitors health care trends and issues that affect Division members;
  • Works closely with assigned staff on health care and health care worker issues;
  • Develops recommendations on the operational needs of the Divisions and Divisional Council;
  • Passes motions for presentation to the Executive Board.

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