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About the Central Political Action Committee (CPAC)

About the Central Political Action Committee (CPAC)

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The Central Political Action Committee (CPAC) analyzes politics in Ontario and develops election and lobby strategies for the union at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. The CPAC also works on a variety of political issues such as the anti wage-freeze campaign and anti-scab legislation together with labour organizations and community partners. Strategies developed by CPAC are forwarded to the Executive Board for their consideration.

CPAC meets at least every two months. Additional meetings are convened when time-sensitive political issues need to be addressed such as elections, by-elections and legislation that may impact our membership.

CPAC’s importance and relevance to OPSEU in the current political climate is evident in the run-up to the Provincial elections in 2011. The challenge is to take on the shortcomings of the current government and help build the campaigns of progressive allies.

CPAC is preparing for the real possibility of a federal election in the near future. Prime Minister Harper and his minority conservative government could falter at any time. OPSEU is working to support allied organizations that strengthen public services, invest in pensions and work to reduce poverty and climate change.

The Central Political Action Committee (CPAC) consists of three Executive Board Members and staff advisors.

Central Political Action Committee Members

Gord Longhi

Sara Labelle

Len Elliott