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2017 Essential and Emergency Services (EES) Review

2017 Essential and Emergency Services (EES) Review


The Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act (CECBA) states that the employer and the union must have an essential and emergency services (EES) agreement in place before an employee may strike or the employer may lock out an employee.  At the October 2016 Unified plenary meeting held in conjunction with Divisional meetings, members requested that the Unified bargaining procedures be amended to state that EES agreements be completed as soon as reasonably possible in advance of issues bargaining. They also requested the creation of a separate EES bargaining team. The OPSEU Executive Board approved these amendments at its March 8-9, 2017 meeting.

Locals are being sent all the information required to prepare for EES bargaining. If your local requires any assistance, please work with the staff representative assigned to the local and the LEC. Completed form(s) (EESA Review Template or EESA Blank Template) are to be returned to the regional office no later than May 19, 2017 by email or fax.  These are fillable pdf forms once they have been saved onto your computer.  A list of regional email addresses and fax numbers is provided in the guide.

EESA and Survey Guide
PDF icon EESA Review Template (if you have a 2014 EESA)
PDF icon EESA Blank Template (if you do not have a 2014 EESA)