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2011 Injured Workers Day: June 1

2011 Injured Workers Day: June 1


On June 1st every year, injured workers and labour activists gather at Queen’s Park in Toronto and at other locations in cities across the province to mark Injured Workers’ Day. Every year we remind legislators that workers compensation is NOT a “favour.” Rather, the system established almost 100 years ago was supposed to provide fair compensation for injured workers in exchange for a worker’s right to sue an employer for injuries suffered because of work.

This year Injured Workers Day comes at a time when there are increasing cutbacks of injured workers’ benefits and aggressive efforts by the WSIB to reduce claims and payments. And more attacks on workers’ compensation policy and legislation that will harm injured workers are expected. It also comes in the context of a generalized attack on workers’ rights and social programs in Canada, the United States and around the world. The recent economic crisis has become an excuse to improve conditions and support for business while cutting costs for government programs and forcing down wages, working conditions, benefits and rights for workers.

Workers’ Compensation benefits will continue to deteriorate until people push back. Let’s build solidarity this June 1st with injured workers, within the labour movement and with other movements for social justice. Join us for the demonstration in Toronto or create one in your community. Join our ongoing efforts to unite for fundamental reform of the workers’ compensation system in Ontario.

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Injured Workers Day rally

Queen"s Park, Toronto
Outside the Ontario Legislature
Wednesday June 1, 2011
11:00 am

In 10 years, the WSIB…

  • Paid $2 billion to employers in rebates

  • Reduced employer premiums for WSIB coverage by 27%

  • Cut injured worker benefits by 20% compared to the cost-of-living

Come and tell Premier McGuinty to stop this unfairness!

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