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2011 Federal Elections: Support these Candidates

2011 Federal Elections: Support these Candidates

We the North
We the North
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The OPSEU Executive Board encourages OPSEU members to support the following candidates on Monday May 2nd, Election Day. Please also consider volunteering your time or making a personal donation.

Region 1

NDP candidate Irene Matthyssen

Region 2

NDP candidate Malcolm Allen

Region 5

NDP candidate Jack Layton

NDP candidate Olivia Chow

Region 6

Sault Ste. Marie
NDP candidate Tony Martin

NDP candidate Glen Thibeault

NDP candidate Carol Hughes

Region 7

Thunder Bay-Rainy River
NDP candidate John Rafferty

Corporate tax cuts don't spur growth, analysis reveals as election pledges fly

April 6, 2011 The OPSEU campaign against corporate tax cuts just keeps gaining traction as even the Globe and Mail agrees that corporations are hoarding cash, not investing in job creation .

Toronto Star: A budget worth defeating

March 24, 2011   Studying a budget is an exercise in Sherlock Holmes’ adage about “listening for the dog that didn’t bark.” …In the silences – the unanswered pleas – one finds a government’s real agenda

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