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Welcome to OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division!

Welcome to OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division!

We the North
We the North
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OPSEU members who work as RPNs are represented across sectors including: community health care, mental health, hospitals and health care support, long-term care, developmental services and OPS workplaces. 

Your voice in OPSEU and the workplace

The RPN Occupational Division is dedicated to promoting recognition of the scope, practice and professional responsibilities of RPNs. The division will work to advance demands for bargaining and workload issues that would apply to all RPNs across the province in every sector that they work in.

The RPN Occupational Division will:

  • bring together members with common occupational interests and coordinate division activities;
  • identify, coordinate, and promote the scope of practice and professional responsibilities of RPNs within OPSEU and provincially;
  • develop and promote demands for bargaining, health and safety, and workload issues;
  • promote and advocate for RPNs through policy, resolutions and constitutional amendments;
  • develop and build communication links and networks for RPNs; and
  • promote common themes, activities and mandates as they pertain to the sectors and the union.

Meet your new RPN representatives for 2017-19

The RPN Occupational Division held its first Biennial RPN Leadership Conference on May 8, 2017. The one day conference held in Toronto brought together OPSEU RPN members. This marked an important opportunity to discuss common workplace issues across sectors and plan next steps as an occupational division. At this meeting, representatives were elected that will lead the RPN Occupational Division until the next Leadership Conference when elections will be held in May 2019. 

Welcome and we look forward to connecting with you!