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Benefit Appeals


Joint Insurance Committees are committees that have been negotiated under a collective agreement. Joint Insurance Committees are typically responsible for reviewing a plan’s financial experience, communicating on benefit issues, and reviewing contentious claims that have not been resolved through discussions with the insurer. They also are responsible for the tendering of group benefit plans. They are usually comprised half of bargaining unit members and half management members.

Unit staff often sit on such Joint Insurance Committees with OPSEU members to serve as a resource person and directly assist members in the appeal process for insured benefits on the following joint committees:

Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT): There are three Joint Insurance Committees representing OPSEU Members in the colleges. One for Academic Faculty, one for Support Staff and one for retired members who belong to the Colleges’ Retiree Group Insurance Plan.

CAAT Academic Joint Insurance Committee

CAAT Support Joint Insurance Committee (JIC)

CAAT Retiree – Insurance Advisory Committee

Liquor Board Employees’ Division (LBED)

Ontario Public Service (OPS)