Choose better service

Choose better service

Choose better service, choose OPSEU poster
Choose better service, choose OPSEU poster

OPSEU is a recognized leader in the health care sector. That’s because OPSEU is known to provide the highest quality service and representation to its 50,000 health care workers across Ontario.

While representation votes aren’t easy, choosing change can open up a world of opportunity, one where you are supported every day of your working life, and beyond. Now’s your chance to walk through that door.

So, what does better service look like?

Carriage rights

With OPSEU, you have carriage rights. This is important because it means you own your grievance. We hope you will never need to file one, but it’s important to know that if you ever do, YOU are in the driver’s seat 100 per cent of the way.

OPSEU members don’t operate under a grievance committee structure – that means that nobody else decides if your grievance is “worthy” of being put forward. You will be fully supported by OPSEU in pursuing your grievance until there is a resolution, or until you are satisfied.

Local bargaining

You know your workplace best. That’s why our members negotiate their entire collective agreement directly with the employer, with the full support of OPSEU behind them. That includes trained negotiators, researchers, campaigns, communications, and your local staff representative.

With OPSEU, you’ve got an entire team behind you; you’re never on your own.

Legal assistance and professional staff

As an OPSEU member, you’ve got your own local staff representative, and grievance officer – they are close at hand and ready to help. You’ve got the support of health and safety officers, trained negotiators, and a full legal department.

If you work in a profession where you are part of a college, OPSEU’s legal team is a resource that puts you in a much safer position than other health care staff. We’ve also negotiated great rates on primary Professional Liability Insurance.

Work is stressful enough, that’s why OPSEU’s coverage is important.

Great service for affordable dues

What’s best, you get all the great OPSEU perks and services for the most affordable and consistent dues available. In fact, OPSEU’s got the lowest dues in North America!

OPSEU is able to offer this full scope of services at such a reasonable cost because fiscal responsibility is a top priority. OPSEU members know where every dollar goes, because they decide on the services and resources that benefit them. That’s democracy at work!

OPSEU dues are 1.375 per cent. There are no initiation fees and OPSEU cannot just arbitrarily bump up your dues, ever.

For better service, choose OPSEU.

OPSEU’s got your back.

Service. Accountability. Strength.

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Patti Markland
Organizing Representative
Cell: 416-802-8121 or
1-800-268-7376 ext. 5150
facebook: Kingston Healthcare – OPSEU’s Got Your Back

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