CAAT Support Employee/Employer Relations Committee (EERC) and Minutes

The responsibility of the Employee/Employer Relations Committee is in respect to all matters arising out of the collective agreement during its term, and other matters affecting the bargaining interests of the members.

  • make recommendations to the bargaining team concerning subjects of systemwide importance
  • facilitate communication with management at the provincial level
  • preclude and resolve common problems during the life of the Collective Agreement
  • prepare the Bargaining Team to enter negotiation through information gathering

Membership on the EERC

The CAAT(S) EERC are elected from the Bargaining Team at the Pre-Bargaining Conference, after the Bargaining Team has been elected.

EERC Meeting Minutes

Employee/Employer Relations Committee

Message from OPSEU side of the EERC PDF iconre: mileage rates

PDF icon2017-09-15
PDF icon2017-05-05
PDF icon2013-09-24
PDF icon2013-06-04
PDF icon2013-02-12
PDF icon2013-10-29
PDF icon2013-04-16
PDF icon2012-12-04
PDF icon2012-09-25
PDF icon2012-05-29
PDF icon2012-04-24
PDF icon2012-03-13
PDF icon2012-01-19
PDF icon2011-11-18
PDF icon2011-04-15
PDF icon2011-02-25
PDF icon2011-01-14
PDF icon2010-10-05
PDF icon2010-06-15
PDF icon2010-05-13
PDF icon2010-03-23
PDF icon2010-02-19
PDF icon2010-01-21
PDF icon2009-11-30
PDF icon2009-09-17
PDF icon2009-04-30
PDF icon2009-03-12   
PDF icon2009-01-21   
PDF icon2008-12-11
PDF icon2008-10-23   
PDF icon2008-01-23   
PDF icon2007-12-13    
PDF icon2007-09-10  
PDF icon2007-06-22   
PDF icon2007-04-23   
PDF icon2007-02-27 
PDF icon2007-01-23  
PDF icon2006-12-08   
PDF icon2006-09-21   
PDF icon2006-06-23 
PDF icon2006-04-13  
PDF icon2006-02-23   
PDF icon 2006-01-19  
PDF icon2005-12-15

Committee Members

For more information on the work of the EERC, please contact the OPSEU committee member assigned to your college or committee.

Michael Mckeown, Chair
Local 353, Durham College
Contact colleges:
Email: [email protected]

Rasho Donchev, Vice-Chair
Local 559, Centennial College,
Contact Colleges:

Email: [email protected]

Richard Belleau
Local 731, Confederation College,
Contact Colleges: Confederation, Northern, Conestoga, Algonquin,
Email: [email protected] 

Connie Lei Collins
Local 137, St. Clair College,

Contact Colleges:
[email protected]

Robert Holder
Local 243, Niagara College,
Contact Colleges:
[email protected]

Veneise Samuels, 1st Alternate
Local 557, George Brown College,
[email protected]

Daniel Brisson, 2nd Alternate
Local 672, College Boreal,
Email: [email protected]

Vikki-Lee Poirier, 3rd Alternate
Local 238, Conestoga College,
Email: [email protected]

Tom Wilcox, 4th Alternate
Local 245, Sheridan College,
Email: [email protected]

Christine Kelsey, 5th Alternate
Local 416, Algonquin College,
Email: [email protected]

Terms of Reference

PDF iconTerms of Reference for the Employee/Employer Relations Committee


PDF iconApril 21, 2005: Workplace Wellness Findings - Executive Summary

PDF iconJune 26, 1995: EERC Referral Protocol

Publication Date: 

Friday, January 26, 2018 - 3:00pm